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An Old Wise Pit Once Told Me is an area devoted to poems and quotes inspired by Pit Bulls.
We welcome all poems, poetries, and quotes of and relating to pit bulls.
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A Poem For The Lost.

They came without warning, or warrant, or reason
And tore me away from my family's arms
Labeled a monster on just my appearance
Not taking to account that I've never done harm
Thrown in a cell with grey walls and no windows
I'll never again get to see a new day
With time and date set I am left in the darkness
No comfort nor mercy will come now my way

The hope in me dies as I watch those before me
Taken through a door where they'll never return
Small pups, just days old, taken to the slaughter
Not even allowed their first glimpse at the world
For a moment theres light that pierces through the darkness
Smiles and hands that I know reach out to me
But it's not long till I notice the tears on their faces
And I know this goodbye is the last one I'll see

"We tried and we fought" Their words filter to me
"But they would not see sense, nor the wrongs they commit
You'll be in our hearts and never be forgotten
Your still our good girl" They sob as I sit
An ache fills my heart as I know I will leave them
Wanting nothing more strongly than to stay at their sides
Wrapped in this moment with love all around me
I know it's not long till I'm ripped from their lives

Hands draw me away from the grip of my loved ones
And I watch as they crumple and I'm pulled away
As my fate draws closer my soul becomes weary
I know what is coming for me this dark day
The prick of a needle then nothing but coldness
Shadows seem to case me as my will slips away
Last thoughts of the family I leave behind me
Let me know at their sides I always will stay

Sobs fill the halls as lifes breath leaves her body
Another dog killed for no sin of their own
A weight fills my chest for the question I'm given
An answer to which pains not my heart alone

"What did she do wrong?"
"Nothing. She was just a Pitbull."

- Nikita Benney
Nikita Benney
Street, Somerset, UK (1/3/2012 9:12:56 PM)
i wake up early, i open my eyes, a lick to the face, its no surprise. "mama get up, lets go for a walk!" out the front door, with our morning talk. no friends call my phone, no one knocks on my door. but with her bone is my dog, sprawled out on the floor. when things get real rough, she stays by my side. she walks next to me, her chin up with pride. when tears stream my face, and i feel quite alone. i can count on my Pit, like no other love known. she brightens my life, loyalty to no end. and im proud to say MY PiT IS MY BEST FRIEND
Lindsey Rook
El Paso, TX, USA (9/28/2011 5:21:12 AM)
Mercedes Puppies

They were so little when they first arrives, sadly two had not survived.

As the days went by they grew, their eyes soon opened and everything was brand new.

Then they learned how to walk, from then on all they did was talk.

They then got to explore the outside, before i knew it they began to hide.

All my spare time was spent with you, now that your all gone i feel blue.

I miss the way you all barked and played, I even miss cleanning the messes you made.

I miss the way you followed me around, I even miss the holes you dug in the ground.

I know you all got a good home, all thats left is pictures and this poem.

I wrote this for my first litter of puppies, they taught me alot.

Cindy Leeman
Gorham, Maine, USA (10/14/2010 2:43:37 PM)
look me in my eyes but dont show signs of fear

call me with a whistle thats how i know your here

walk me with conviction and hold your head up high

because for you and only you, you know that i will die

if you feed me when im hungry and rub my head and chest

i will protect you to the end with my last dieing breath

people call me vicious and say that im no good

but a heart of a true pit bull is something they never understood

i use to fight for you and you knew i never quit

i never understood why you threw me in that pit

its time for you to take a stand and speak in my stead

because a pit without its owner might as well be dead

loyalty to our owner was our only goal in mind

our stories told through history in books and over time

the "pit" is our domain where we matched in dirt and mudd

and whence the chain came of our necks our breed was forged in blood

when we crossed that line a cur you will not see

because a dog that turns its tail is dog that will not be

this was our way of life this was also our creed

without the game in us you have lost the entire breed

the original dog man
new orleans, la, USA (10/30/2007 5:45:42 AM)
he is the sun
hollywood, fl, USA (6/24/2007 2:03:08 AM)
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