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One day my brother named Michael got in his camoflage and went in the woods. He said to see if the dog can find me? So I put the dog on the leash and took her out there. She saw Michael and ran after him. Michael got up quickly. When she got to him she bit him right on the butt. Soon Michael said to hold on tight because he was about to run. When he started to run Bama chased him I couldn'd hold on so I let go. She tackled him and bit Michael on the leg and now he has a scar.
Chelsey Culp
Albremarle, North Carolina, USA (3/2/2006 2:39:49 PM)
Ok here is our pit story,

My boyfriend first introduced me to pittbulls when we first started dating over a year ago, I had a Lab. at the time but he got killed buy a rottie that lived next door, so I told him I wanted to get a female pit. He agreed and we started our search. I was looking thru the paper and found an ad about papered pitts, I called but they where all sold, but he knew of someone that had some for sale. I called and that night we went to look at the pups. When we got there they had 9 some were brown, and some were tan, but the one that stuck out was the little white female, with the blackish-blue spot on her right eye and ear. We went home and after looking at other litters I had it set in my heart that I was going to get her. That weekend we drove back over to see her again and needless to say we came home with her. I was so happy just like a proud mother, I showed her off to everyone that came over, I even took her with me some places. I ended up naming her Nieve, meaning "melting snow". Ever since then we have been together. She is now 1 year and 8 months old, and I am a proud "grandma" of 9 beautiful puppies I have ever seen .
Now I can't forget about my boyfriend's male. We got him from a friend that just had a litter of his own. My boyfriend keep putting off picking out the one he wanted in fear of it not making it. So when they were about 5 weeks old and most of them had been spoken for, I went and picked out the smallest of the Brindled males, and took him home. - See my boyfriend had a male brindle before but he ran away or someone stole him, so I wanted to get him another one to hopefully help with his loss.- When I took the pup home, my boyfriend wasn't home so it was a surprise when he came home from work. We ended up nameing him Trinidad after the first brindle he had lost/got stolen, Tito. Both of my babies are named in Spanish beacuse my boyfriend is Puerto Rican, and we wanted something unique and different. This is my story of how my babies found a home in my heart.

If any one wants to buy a baby to add t your home please send me an e-mail at... santiago_richard@sbcglobal.net. 417-451-4347.
Amanda Santiago
Neosho, Missouri, USA (2/13/2006 12:47:00 PM)
Everbody wants "blueboy", thats what I have. He has traveled on to live with his original father. But "ghost" he is still here. The four girls look for him. The oldest one is getting old, almost 10 febuary 21st. Then came along red nose the girl tamale. she can't have babies because of what I did, not knowing at the time but now I do (inbreading). The next was a little girl, she did not have any color other than poop. Put her in the tub she is the prettiest cowpatch you would ever seen. She was lucky because her momma died when she was on the chain inside a pin. She is grown now and had 10 beautiful pups. With no other then blueboy aka ghost. The 3rd came from my husbands passion for mocha, which almost kill my now 10 year old because she was noisy and went in the room with the babies. Needless to say the momma dog is not here any more. (the momma dog was defending her babies. to the old one she was just being curious) Mista is the last one. If love does not mean Mista it should. So big doggy kisses from ghostly tamal snow queen and mista. Do you dogs right and they will do to you.
gina salley
Goose creek, SC, USA (2/8/2006 2:01:43 AM)
Well I came down with cancer and had to go to the hospital for a little bit and my friend was watching my pitbull Baby. My neighbor did not like my dog because he was a pitbull. He loved every body he was like ferdand the bull if any body remembers who that was but that did not matter to him that he was playfull. He gave him some antifreeze and he had to be put to sleep. So if there is any body that has a pit bull they can give me in my state or in a near by state that would be great you can email me at aw420realgood@yahoo.com.
anthony a werner
Sidney, NY, USA (1/19/2006 11:58:12 AM)
Well when i was a child i had the best friend a kid could have, i hung with him all the time and i got to ride on his back, all ways defended me thought which was the problem and its how he lost his eye and later his life, its funny the WAY he lost his eye but not the fact that it happened, well my father was mowing the grass and like the smart guy he was he got out and attacked the lawn mower (i was on my swing covering my ears because my father was close by at the time) well dillon jumped the fence
and attacked the lawn mower it was so funny seeing my dads eyes get wide,well a rock flew out from under the mower, it didn't even stop him. The sad part is how he passed away, well there were some dogs across the road and they attacked me, that didnt go over well with dillon, over a few days he dug a hole under a bush and got out of the fence and attacked the dogs, the owner of the dogs came out and shot my dillon in the gut, i found out just this year that my mother had to put him down. i still cry my heart out for my soul mate i wish i had him back every day so all you people who still have your pittbull keep them safe and show them all the love you can show them please.
Anthony C. Kasko
Scotia, New York, USA (1/9/2006 9:42:20 PM)
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